Restored Chevelle Churns Out 600-HP

Mar 12, 2022 2 min read
Restored Chevelle Churns Out 600-HP

Custom Chevelle shows off big power and strong sentimental value.

When you picture the image of a classic muscle car, which vehicle first comes to mind? Is it a ‘69 Charger, a Mustang, maybe even the elusive Hemi ‘Cuda? Whatever It is, we’re sure that a substantial portion of our readers were thinking the same thing we were, the Chevelle.

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Now, the Chevelle is an interesting car. Generations of passionate racers and builders alike have touted this Chevy powerhouse for its sleek styling, hard acceleration, and popularity within the car community. Of course, we didn't have to tell you that considering the intense following that these cars bring to the table. However, we needed to prepare you for this build because it's unlike anything we’ve ever seen and we love it.

Originally inspired by the scene from Talladega Nights in which Ricky Bobby is given the option of fear or freedom after his father tapes what he describes as “a kilo of Columbian bam bam” to the underside of Ricky’s 1969 Chevelle. The owner of this Chevelle fell in love with the vehicle. As such, after acquiring his new dream car from a friend of his sister’s, he set out to build a Chevelle of his own.

This matte black beast quickly went from an old run-down cruiser to a custom icon as soon as the owner got his hands on it. Everything from the intimidating black exterior to the meaty tires wrapped around some sick red and black wheels screams aggressive. Speaking of aggressive, under the hood sits a 427ci V8 which has been bored out to an incredible 540ci. That gigantic motor puts out an insane 650 horsepower without forced induction. It's not every day that we get to see a naturally aspirated engine pushing out that kind of power. It is especially cool when you realize that all of that raw power is being pushed through a 6-speed manual Tremec transmission. Now serving as a memory of his father, who passed away shortly after the owner purchased the vehicle, it holds a lot of sentimental value and we hope to see it again as the build progresses.

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