A Look Back At Pennzoil’s Last Viper Dodge Commercial

Aug 27, 2022 2 min read
A Look Back At Pennzoil’s Last Viper Dodge Commercial

Don’t miss the easter egg at the end!

The sun rises over a raging sea, water crashing, seemingly grasping at the dock upon which you stand. Pictures of news broadcasts depicting a stolen vehicle flash before you; this is no ordinary vehicle. Instead, this is a Dodge Viper. A wicked snake that stops at nothing to scare the piss out of anyone who gets behind the wheel of this brutal speed demon. You've seen it before, you know where it is, and you know exactly how to get to it.

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Flash forward to later that day, as you spy into the sunroof of what appears to be an abandoned warehouse, you see it, keep your eyes on the prize. That beautiful golden figure gleaming through a dank and cramped space with goons surrounding it at all times practically calls to you to save it from its seemingly damning fate. You jump down silently not to disturb the opposition who would have you killed for the endeavor you are embarking upon. Finally, you quietly slip into the car, being careful not to slam the door as you admire the tastefully crafted and entirely driver-focused interior. Here comes the party.

Bam! A thunderous roar emerges as the beautiful symphony of sound bursts through the side exit exhaust on this insane beast of a car. Staring in amazement at the sheer masterful design of this vehicle, the guards are stunned. You take this opportunity to spring into action, reversing out of the cramped space into an entire 180-degree spin and shooting off like a beautiful rocket ship headed straight to the moon.

Tight corners are no issue for you, a skilled driver, nor are they any trouble for the car as it darts and drifts around as if it were on a set of ice skates gliding through spins and jumps with grace. Vigilant as always, you wrestle with all 840 horsepower to soothe the aching beast's heavy metal heart, and something clicks. Finally, you've done it; you have achieved the most incredible feeling a driver can feel, the perfect ride!

Careful not to distress the household, you gracefully place the viper back in the home to which it belongs. The house owner runs anxiously to the garage in fear that someone may have stolen yet another one of his beloved supercars but instantly breaks down in tears upon discovering that his stunning viper has returned to the nest. A faint hiss is heard as smoke bellows off the red hot brake discs, and you leave satisfied, having returned the car to its rightful owner. This is, of course, after you inform your boss of the day's events and receive a text that reads: "How are you exercising at Demons?"

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