Parking Garage Collapses In Ohio

May 13, 2022 2 min read
Parking Garage Collapses In Ohio

Two cars were left hanging by nothing but their bumpers…

Many of us look back at our car after parking, hoping nothing happens to it while unattended, especially these days. And while it’s far more likely your ride will be stolen, it’s still scary to see images like these of a parking garage that collapsed just before midnight on May 3. The end result was two cars left hanging by nothing but their front and rear bumpers, plus a huge mess.

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Police and fire crews responded to the call for assistance as tenants at an apartment complex heard a noise late at night. One man thought someone was stealing his car, but when he rushed outside he realized instead his vehicle was suspended over a gaping hole.

The deck on the parking structure next to the apartment complex gave way in one section. Fortunately, nobody was hurt in the accident, but some water pipes burst and started flooding the lower section of the parking structure. When firefighters arrived, they didn’t know if anyone was trapped in the debris, and with water spraying everywhere combing over the area was difficult. A Pontiac below barely escaped getting crushed, something we’re sure the owner appreciates.

One fire official said in an interview with a local news station steel girders were what kept the two cars from falling into the hole. He stated something in the structure of the cement gave way, likely due to the wet climate in Ohio combined with temperature swings. In other words, sink holes aren’t the only things that can swallow up you and your car.

Since the apartment complex has a separate foundation, officials said there’s no risk to the building. However, this might make you think twice about where you park your car at night.

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