The Model T Driving Adventure at Gilmore Car Museum in 2024

Oct 30, 2023 2 min read
The Model T Driving Adventure at Gilmore Car Museum in 2024

Experience Automotive Nostalgia.

Ever dreamt of stepping back into history and feeling the thrill of driving an authentic Ford Model T? The Gilmore Car Museum presents the perfect opportunity to relive the golden era of automobiles and do just that!

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For those searching for a distinctive holiday gift or simply wanting to indulge in a unique automotive experience, the Gilmore Car Museum has announced its 2024 dates for the "Model T Driving Experience." This isn't merely a showcase; it's a hands-on, behind-the-wheel journey back to the early 20th century.

The event, scheduled from May through October, is an invitation to relive the magic of a time when automobiles were still a novelty. Whether rain or shine, participants will immerse themselves in the intricate nuances of driving a Model T. Those keen on this adventure can book their slots for either a morning session from 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM ET or an afternoon one from 1:30 PM - 4:30 PM ET. However, a quick reminder: spots tend to fill up rapidly, so if you're looking to time-travel to the age of the Model T, it's advisable to secure your preferred date soon.

The Model T isn't just any car; it's an emblem of automotive evolution. Birthed in 1908 by the visionary Henry Ford in Michigan, this vehicle was lauded as the "affordable car for the everyday person" and quickly escalated to become the globe's top-selling automobile. The Model T's operation is a stark contrast to modern vehicles. With its three pedals, seat-adjacent handle, and a duo of levers on the steering wheel, it's a genuine trip down memory lane. Don't expect contemporary comforts like keyless ignition; instead, you'll experience the age-old art of using a hand crank while fine-tuning the choke and fuel.

Newbies need not fret; the museum has arranged for seasoned instructors to guide participants through:

  • Mastering the spark and throttle control levers.
  • Synchronizing hand and foot controls for a smooth ride.
  • Techniques for perfect shifting and reversing.
  • Learning the art of braking with the neutral/brake lever.
  • Grasping the start-up basics, complete with a crank start demonstration.

Booking before December 25th has its perks! Early birds will receive a complimentary wooden Model T holiday ornament, making it the perfect festive gift. Moreover, every participant is entitled to a historian-led tour of the museum's exceptional collection, an exclusive Model T souvenir booklet, a Certificate of Completion, and complete access to the Gilmore Car Museum's sprawling historic campus on their class day.

So, if you’re looking to traverse the roads less taken and journey back to a different era, the Gilmore Car Museum's Model T Driving Experience awaits you in 2024!

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