Would you visit Motor Ally?

Mike Wolfe, famed for his role on the reality TV show "American Pickers," is diversifying his interests as the series contends with dropping viewer numbers. Recently, Wolfe inaugurated Columbia Motor Alley, a revamped 1947 Chevy dealership located in Tennessee. The space serves as a love letter to classic automobiles, resurrecting the essence of a bygone era in American car culture.

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Wolfe arrived at the grand opening on a vintage motorcycle, inviting the public into his new enterprise, which operates Fridays and Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Inside, neon signs and retro automobiles set the mood, evoking a 1940s car dealership. However, Wolfe isn't selling classic cars; he's capitalizing on the atmosphere to market merchandise.

"Motor Alley is now OPEN! Discover a gearhead's paradise at our newly opened merch shop," Wolfe posted on Instagram, adding, "Let's bring back the charm of forgotten places and reimagine the legacy of America's backroads."

While Columbia Motor Alley brings nostalgia and Wolfe's personal passion to the forefront, it's essentially another gift shop for the History Channel personality. Fans familiar with Wolfe's other retail endeavors, Antique Archaeology in Iowa and Tennessee, express reservations about the high prices in these stores. Items like "Gone pickin' socks" for $18, a $900 Purina Chow antique sign, and a $2,200 vintage Pepsi machine have spurred complaints about inflated prices.

The launch of Columbia Motor Alley comes at a critical time for Wolfe, as "American Pickers" faces its lowest ratings to date. The most recent episode attracted only 620,000 viewers, in stark contrast to the premiere episode of the season, which pulled in 918,000. While the new store could serve as a backup plan for Wolfe, it also raises questions about the future of "American Pickers."

If viewership doesn't rebound, could Columbia Motor Alley be the next chapter in Wolfe's career or just another overpriced nostalgia trip? Time will tell, but for now, the store represents a new avenue for Wolfe, who seems eager to celebrate and monetize the golden days of American automotive history.

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