Izzy Performance Unleashes a Gargantuan Goliath: The 2000 Wheel HP GT-R

Nov 6, 2023 2 min read
Izzy Performance Unleashes a Gargantuan Goliath: The 2000 Wheel HP GT-R

Don't get in its way!

In the realm of high-performance automotive engineering, Izzy Performance has become a beacon of monstrous builds, and their latest masterpiece is bending the boundaries of what's considered street-legal. Meet the shop's "daily driver," a 2017 Nissan GT-R that doesn't just growl—it roars with the heart of a mechanical behemoth.

Under the hood, this isn't your average GT-R—it's a creation forged by the masterful hands at T1 Race Development. The dry sump 4.1-liter Stroker engine equipped with twin 68-millimeter turbochargers is an ode to unbridled power. The pièce de résistance? An Alpha Performance kit paired with a symphony of dual 1700cc ID injectors delivering a venomous spray of fuel.

But this GT-R isn't just about brute force. The MoTec M150 controller and RobTuned's finesse allow for a kaleidoscope of ten tune settings, each a different shade of ferocity. Whether it's the cutthroat intensity required for drag racing or a more subdued tune for a civilized date night, this machine has an answer for every question the road asks.

Shifting gears into the future, a Sheptrans Stage 4.5 gearbox with billet gears and custom clutches takes control, ensuring that all 2000 of those horsepower are transferred with surgical precision. And while the front axles maintain their stock composure, the rear axles have been elevated to Level 5 status to withstand this colossus' might.

Defying the norm, this GT-R glides on a stock suspension—proof of Nissan's engineering marvel. Brembo's full carbon brakes with cross-drilled and vented rotors sit snugly behind the striking wheels from Cicio Performance, clad in Mickey Thompson slicks—each thread whispering promises of traction and transcendence.

One must see the look of awe-inspiring terror mixed with pure exhilaration on Shawn's face as Izzy unleashes this beast with a simple "dump of the gas" to understand the true nature of this automotive leviathan. It's not just a car; it's a titan dressed in steel, a testament to Izzy Performance's relentless pursuit of speed and power, tempered only by the delicate dance of control.

As this terrifyingly fast GT-R prowls the sun-kissed boulevards of Southern California, it redefines what we imagine when we hear "daily driver." It's not just a car you drive; it's one that takes you on a wild ride every time you dare to step inside and turn the key.

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