Hellcat Takes On C8 Corvette In A Battle Of GM Vs Mopar

Jul 5, 2022 2 min read
Hellcat Takes On C8 Corvette In A Battle Of GM Vs Mopar

Who will take home the title of the better-performance car?

In today's modern performance automotive landscape, racing has almost entirely disappeared, especially when companies show off their road-going models. Calling Nascar "stock-car racing" is like calling an F18 a civilian aircraft, and road racing has become chiefly for the fringes of automotive enthusiast society. So it makes sense that so many car covers would flock to the drag strip to keep the racing heritage of their favorite muscle and pony cars alive. So imagine yourself in the driver's seat of an F8 Metallic Green Hellcat, the wide fender flares dominating all space in the general vicinity of the car, and your favorite racing playlist blasting from your sound system.

You look to your left, expecting another Charger or even an old-school muscle car to test your skills. However, what you notice nearly shakes your focus, a stunning C8 Chevrolet Corvette in bright red watching you from the burnout box. But, of course, you're in a Hellcat, so burnouts are your thing, and as that iconic whine rings out from your supercharger, you wonder if you have what it takes to beat the 'Vette. The two cars are essentially two opposing sides of the same coin built to show off the differing aspects of American car culture. One is a lightweight sports car with excellent handling and good power figures to compete with European roadsters. While the other is a heavy machine that focuses on power instead of worrying about weight and having absolutely zero craps left to give about what other people think. So yeah, this should be interesting.

Lining up at the start position, the first staging light signifies it's almost time to rock and roll down the dragstrip. Finally, the second staging light locks in, followed shortly by the green light causing both cars to shoot off the line. Taking full advantage of your incredible torque and the 'Vettes' lack of traction, you rip off the line in an unexpected show of power and brute force. Eventually, the Corvette starts to pick up the pace, but it's too late for the driver to recover the distance. In short, you just left a C8 Corvette in the dust finishing the quarter-mile in just 12.43 seconds compared to Chevy's 12.77-second quarter mile. This was the incredible story of one dedicated racer who took on the challenge of racing his Hellcat against a car that many doubted he could beat, and we applaud him for it.

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