Guy Uses Flashbang On Car Burglar

Jul 31, 2022 2 min read
Guy Uses Flashbang On Car Burglar

Should’ve gone with the nine banger…

Car theft and burglaries in New Orleans, Louisiana are and have been a real problem for a while. Fed up with the lack of response from local authorities and tired of constantly replacing the windows in his Chevrolet Silverado, an unnamed man decided instead to rig up a flashbang to explode the next time someone broke in. The result was a burglar who got the shock of his life and we hope was scared straight.

The whole thing went down on the night of April 1 with a surveillance camera capturing the whole thing. Some guys in a subcompact car pull up alongside the Silverado and one gets out of the back. He’s wearing dark clothing, including a hoodie and a face mask. The guy also appears to be carrying some kind of tool, we’re guessing a glass breaker or a hammer (the video quality isn’t good enough to make it clear which one). He uses it to shatter the driver’s window on the truck, then climbs inside.

When the burglar reaches into the center console to take whatever of value might be inside, the flashbang goes off. The bright light and sudden loud noise obviously scare the hell out of the criminal, who jumps backward out of the truck and dives into the getaway car in a hurry. Maybe he thought there was a bomb in the car or something like that, we’re not sure, but he wasn’t sticking around to find out.

In a local news interview, the truck owner told a reporter he has replaced 8 windows in 2 months. That’s crazy, but sadly we’re not surprised. Crime in New Orleans is out of control. Fore example, one local station reported back in early January that over a dozen vehicles had been stolen in a 3-day period. Most of those were taken at gunpoint, so that’s even scarier. Another station recently noted car thefts were up 20 percent last year.

Check out the video for yourself.


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