Ford Mommy Mobile Runs Right Over C4 Corvette

Jul 13, 2022 2 min read
Ford Mommy Mobile Runs Right Over C4 Corvette

That was a big speed bump!

There’s an unfair stereotype that trophy wives in suburbs can’t correctly maneuver their large SUVs they absolutely must have to carry all two of their children to soccer practice and ballet lessons. Why, some awful individuals have gone so far as to compile photo collages of fender damage on Honda Pilots, Ford Expeditions, Chevy Suburbans, Nissan Armadas, etc. We don’t condone such vicious stereotyping because as chronicled recently in a video posted to Reddit, SUV wine moms are really, really good drivers.

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After all, this person driving a Ford Mommy Mobile drove right over a C4 Corvette, didn’t slow down until she was all the way over it, and seems to have left the other driver alive. To its credit, the C4 Corvette seemed to take it like a champ, the body panels appearing to have not deformed much if at all. Sure, the driver’s window busted out and he went into cardiac arrest as his whole life flashed before his eyes, but this lady needed to get to Costco for some white wine stat!

Look, I’m not saying nobody needs a large SUV or truck – that’s the job of certain hall monitor car websites. Drive what you want, but you must be able to actually drive what you have. If you can’t see other vehicles or squeeze your SUV through a reasonable parking lot without scraping up the fenders, you should find something smaller.

I’ve driven sports cars and ridden motorcycles on public roads – nothing teachers you just how little people in these larger vehicles pay attention to anything than that experience. It’s almost like in this video as the Corvette driver is laying on his horn the lady didn’t even know he was there. She was probably wondering why there was a speed bump or dead horse in the road at the intersection, because she just kept on driving instead of stopping once she rolled up on the Chevy’s hood.

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