Dodge Challenger Driver Can’t Handle F-150 Acceleration

Apr 10, 2024 2 min read
Dodge Challenger Driver Can’t Handle F-150 Acceleration

Some people shouldn’t have a muscle car…

We love powerful cars, especially of the American muscle variety. At the same time we understand not everyone does and that’s okay. After all, some people just aren’t cut out for driving a rear-wheel-drive monster. Unfortunately, that fact doesn’t always keep certain individuals from purchasing just such a ride. We’re pretty sure that’s the explanation for this Dodge Challenger driver almost causing a big accident as he tries showing off at a red light.

As you can see in the video uploaded by Instagram user mopar.angel, someone stopped a red light is recording the three vehicles in front of them. In the left lane is a Dodge Challenger, then a Porsche Macan, and finally a Ford F-150. It seems like a fairly benign lineup. We’re guessing there were some shenanigans beforehand and that’s why this person had their phone out and rolling because they just knew something was going to happen.

The light turns green and the F-150 driver accelerates pretty hard. Since there’s no sound we can’t hear if the tires chirp or not, but there’s no smoke so it’s not a hard launch. The Macan accelerates more normally, but the Challenger driver starts to go for it, probably trying to show the muscle car can keep up with the truck.

Suddenly, the Mopar swerves slightly to the left and the driver overcorrects to the right, forcing the Porsche driver to swerve to avoid a collision. Then the Challenger spins out to the left and goes into oncoming traffic. Through some miracle the Dodge doesn’t hit any cars, even though it stopped mere inches from an Impala. The driver slowly pulls into a nearby parking lot, probably to go into Marshalls for a clean pair of pants after that brown alert.

What’s really hilarious is this might be a V6 Challenger, so it’s not packing a lot of power. That would explain why the driver has having trouble pushing his car to keep up with the F-150. Considering how poorly this person handles that kind of power, it might be a good idea to downgrade to a Civic.

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