Connecticut Man Goes Over 130 MPH In 1970 Nova, Posts Video Online

Feb 26, 2024 2 min read
Connecticut Man Goes Over 130 MPH In 1970 Nova, Posts Video Online

Shocker: the police found it…

We can’t believe we have to say this, but: if you decide to speed in your car, don’t upload the video anywhere on the internet. Some people do that and then claim the incident took place “somewhere in Mexico” in a funny attempt to throw the cops off if they ever find the video. But a guy from Norwalk, Connecticut got caught after he pushed his 1970 Chevy Nova to over 130 mph on Route 7, then posted videos on Facebook and Instagram.

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Reportedly, the Nova is a pro touring build making use of a ProcCharged LS2. Considering how fast the guy got the classic Nova going, it sounds like a pretty sweet build. Unfortunately, he might not get to keep it in the legal fallout.

Believe it or not, cops are real people and are on social media. They might run across the video organically, have someone share it with them, or in some departments they go out looking for crimes documented by anyone stupid enough to share them online. You’re hardly anonymous on social media, especially when you’ve committed a crime.

State police have charged 36-year-old Joseph D. Tavella with Reckless Driving, Operation of a Motor Vehicle While Using a Hand-held Mobile Telephone/Electronic Device and Reckless Endangerment in the 2nd Degree. This just proves two things: Millennials are into classic cars, despite years of the media in general claiming otherwise. And Millennials have to share things online, otherwise they didn’t happen. We take these two revelations as a bitter-sweet combination.

It seems the legal system in Connecticut is taking Tavella’s stunt quite seriously, holding him on a $100,000 bond. Police noted in the video was a license plate that matched the 1970 Nova registered to Tavella, as well as his right arm with distinct tattoos. This is why documenting a crime for police is a really dumb move.

Source: Fox 61

Images via Instagram

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