Classic Ford Barn Find Hoard

Nov 22, 2022 1 min read
Classic Ford Barn Find Hoard

Cars like this should be on the road…

Old school Ford automobiles are probably the closest thing to a piece of working car history a normal person can get. From Mustangs to Mavericks, these vehicles have a lot of history behind their creation. Nowadays the cars show their history on every aging body panel and rust spot. Suppose you were trying to tell the age of these cars by the environment around them, how would you do that? With this particular collection you might say it could be done by counting how deeply they were engulfed in the forest that surrounds them.

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As you might have guessed, this is a large field home to many Ford automobiles both young and old. Well, old and older is probably a better way of describing it. One of the newer vehicles you can see on the lot appears to be a recent model Ford transit van, not exactly what you might expect to find at a barn find but nonetheless it is part of the collection. Right next to that is a small blue Ford economy car reminiscent of a Pinto or maybe a Maverick. Either way it’s a vintage model that has, over the years, become quite deteriorated by the progressing hands of time.

Finishing off most of the interesting automobiles that are featured outside you can also very clearly see some Ford Cortina‘s, a pretty popular choice among classic car guys. In the barn there is a gem of a car that actually stands out quite a lot from its companions on the outside. That automobile is a mark one Ford fiesta in peppermint green which feels more in place in the museum then riding away in a barn. Either way, these cars are being kept semi safe from the elements inside and hopefully the vehicles will get the chance to get back on the road pretty soon.

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