Cargo Ship Carrying EVs Ablaze and Expected to Sink off Dutch Coast

Jul 28, 2023 2 min read
Cargo Ship Carrying EVs Ablaze and Expected to Sink off Dutch Coast

About 350 vehicles are on board.

In an alarming incident near the Dutch island of Ameland, a cargo ship, the Fremantle Highway, has been engulfed in flames, and experts predict it is at risk of sinking. The vessel, carrying approximately 3,000 vehicles, including 25 electric vehicles (EVs), was en route from Bremerhaven, Germany to Port Said, Egypt when a massive fire broke out on board.

The ship, owned by K-Line, a Tokyo-based shipping company, is currently floating unmanned in the waters of the North Sea after the crew was forced to abandon it due to the uncontrollable blaze. The fire reportedly started early this morning and quickly spread throughout the ship. The cause of the fire remains unknown at this point.

The Dutch Coast Guard, aided by firefighting vessels from both the Netherlands and Germany, has been working tirelessly to control the blaze and prevent environmental damage. Despite their efforts, the fire continues to burn, and with the ship now listed to one side, authorities expect the Fremantle Highway may sink.

"The situation is quite severe," said a representative from the Dutch Coast Guard. "The fire is still raging, and it's too risky for anyone to get on board. We're doing everything we can to prevent it from sinking, but the ship is heavily listed already."

One of the primary concerns is the potential environmental impact, particularly due to the 25 electric vehicles on board. The lithium-ion batteries in these EVs could cause additional fires and explosions, making the situation even more hazardous. If the ship were to sink, these batteries could also pose a significant environmental threat.

"The cargo of this ship poses unique challenges," said an environmental expert. "The lithium-ion batteries of the EVs can react violently with water, causing further fires or even explosions. If the ship does sink, the release of these materials into the marine environment could have serious ecological consequences."

The crew of the Fremantle Highway was successfully evacuated, with no injuries reported. The Dutch authorities have established a safety zone around the burning ship, and marine traffic in the area has been redirected.

The impact of this incident on the global supply chain, already strained by the ongoing semiconductor shortage, could be significant. With EVs becoming increasingly popular, the loss of these vehicles may contribute to a further tightening of the electric car market.

As authorities continue to fight the blaze, the full extent of the damage and potential environmental impact remains to be seen. Investigations into the cause of the fire will commence once the situation is brought under control.

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