Car Fished From Creek Turns Out To Be A Coffin For Missing Dad

Apr 25, 2022 2 min read
Car Fished From Creek Turns Out To Be A Coffin For Missing Dad

The family of this missing man finally have some peace with the whereabouts of their beloved father.

We cover many funny and interesting topics related to cars and automotive news due to the seemingly constant flow of information in the enthusiast world. However, every now and then, we come across something that shakes us all to the core with its pain and sorrow for all of those involved. This is one of those solemn times as recently a man's body has been found after 18 years of sitting at the bottom of a lake. While it is difficult to digest, this story is not entirely wrong, as the growth of technology allowed the team of divers to uncover his body, and soon many other families will have closure. But who was this man, and why was he destined to a watery grave?

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“We were able to ascertain that Mr. Amabile left his residence in the late afternoon ... after oversleeping and rushing out to pick up his 2 daughters (ages 5 and 8) from the babysitter,” Adventures With Purpose said in a statement shared to Facebook. “Mr. Amabile called the babysitter stating that he would be there within 5 minutes.

“Mr. Amabile never arrived and was never seen again.”

December 4, 2003; James Amabile wakes up with only a few minutes until he is due to pick up his two daughters from their babysitter's house. He hurriedly puts on some clothes, starts up the car, and informs the babysitter of his arrival in just five short minutes. Unfortunately, Mr. Amabile never got to see his beautiful daughters' faces again before he was suddenly taken by a tragic event. ‘So what happened?’ you ask. Nobody really knows what happened, outside of him ultimately being missing with no trace of his whereabouts. However, it may be safe to assume that his car swerved into a nearby creek as he rushed to be on time.

This is supported by the fact that his car was recently exhumed from Darby Creek, PA, after 18 years of eroding underwater. Finally, after searching for far too long, the young women received some closure on their father's whereabouts. This leaves the question of why they didn't find him sooner. Essentially, they did. It's just that the technology wasn't ready to pin-point and dig up the old SUV. Thankfully, we are now at a stage when so many things are possible with technology that were unthinkable just a few years ago, meaning that many other families will receive closure soon.

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