Camaro Runs Into Flower Shop

Jul 1, 2023 2 min read
Camaro Runs Into Flower Shop

He must’ve really been in trouble with his girl…

Everyone knows Ford Mustangs are magnetically attracted to large groups of pedestrians and electric poles, while Dodge Challengers love crashing into homes and Chevy Corvettes think banks look like good places to park. But now we know that Camaros are the cars prone to driving into flower shops, thanks to an incident in Whittier, California back on January 10.

Watch Richard Hammond finally face his would-be killer here.

Thankfully nobody was hurt in the crash, but there are plenty of jokes going around about the guy really needing some flowers for his significant other to stop being mad at him. While that certainly is hilarious, the reality is this sounds like it might have been the outcome of some good ol’ fashioned street racing.

OnScene TV, which took the video of the crash aftermath we’ve included with this article, reports this was a two-vehicle collision. The Camaro hit a car waiting at a red light, then power pole (see, they don’t just attract Mustangs) and finally crashed into the flower shop. You can see in some of the shots the pole is splintered, so it took quite the hit. And yes, you could make a joke about how portly the Camaro has become.

Nothing more is said about the second car, the driver of which obviously did nothing wrong. Thankfully, nobody was hurt in the accident, although the flower shop looks pretty busted up. We’re hoping it was able to open for business and such, considering so many small establishments have been struggling lately.

Like we said before, this sounds like a street racing situation gone sideways. We know, people who street race like to brag they don’t hurt anyone. And they might not, until one night they do. That’s how it works, you can street race for years and never hit another car, building, etc. and then in a split second that changes. Take it to the track, everyone.

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