C8 Corvette Owner Gets Shocking Replacement

May 23, 2023 1 min read
C8 Corvette Owner Gets Shocking Replacement

Way to go GM!

Too often, automakers seem to be almost apathetic when someone gets a lemon vehicle. Then lawyers have to get involved, everything is messy for a long time, and the ultimate result isn’t something anyone is happy about. That looked likely for Robert Drummond, a C8 Corvette Stingray owner who had many problems with his vehicle when he formally requested GM buy what he says was a lemon back.

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After conducting its own investigation, GM shocked many and agreed with Drummonds’ claims. That also meant the automaker was willing to buy the mid-engine sports car back. On top of that, GM said it would replace the Stingray with any current GM product the man wanted.

Sensing an opportunity, Drummond went for it and asked for a 2023 Corvette 3LZ Z06. The man has been sharing the story since the early days of it on Facebook and people have had a lot of opinions about everything, but especially about his request. A lot of them thought he was demanding and/or crazy for asking such an upgrade.

After all, the new Z06 is red hot and sells for considerably more than a Stingray. Why would GM hand one of those over to the guy just because he got a lemon? There will always be naysayers, especially when you shoot for the stars, which Drummond absolutely did.

But GM approved his request and recently delivered a C8 Z06 to the man. While the automaker covered tax, title, and licensing for the sports car, Drummond is on the hook for the price difference between his old Stingray and the replacement. That’s a smoking hot deal!

Before anyone starts getting ideas, just remember GM conducted its own thorough investigation of the claims of a lemon car. So you’d have to “luck out” by getting something genuinely problematic.

Image via GM

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