Supercharged C5 Corvette Tackles Dodge Demon

May 16, 2024 1 min read
Supercharged C5 Corvette Tackles Dodge Demon

9.8-seconds in the quarter mile is no joke…

We all know that the fifth generation Corvette is when things started really looking good in terms of performance. The base model came with an LS1 with the higher trim levels featuring the LS6. Even the suspension was pretty good for the time and people still use the car a lot for racing to this day. That’s exactly why this dedicated driver took his hard earned money and put it toward a pristine example of the C-5 Corvette to build it for some seriously high performance figures.

Some, especially in the newer car community, would have bought a more modern performance car, like a Hellcat or a C7/C8 Corvette. However, this driver had plans to do something that none of those cars could even dream of accomplishing without serious modifications. All they did was slap a supercharger I know it’s engine and immediately started cranking out some really ridiculous horsepower and torque numbers.

You can see this very well represented as the car takes on a C6 Corvette, a race in which it ran a 9.95 second quarter mile run. On top of that, it raced other vehicles like a Hellcat and a heavily modified S10 pickup truck. However, the fastest time it got came while racing a Dodge Demon. On that particular run, the Corvette beat the Demon with an incredible 9.8 second quarter mile. It’s really incredible how much this car was able to do with a supercharger on its side and a great driver behind the wheel.

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