Biker Eats Crow When Challenging A Porsche

Dec 10, 2023 2 min read
Biker Eats Crow When Challenging A Porsche

The biker narrowly escaped injury, claiming the title of the dumbest 007.

Often, American motorcyclists get a bad rap for treating the various roads and highways like a race track while endangering other cars on the road. While this is primarily a false assumption, we don't think we could have found a better example to fit that cookie-cutter stereotype than this buffoon. This dude epitomizes the phrase "mess around and finds out" with an ego fatter than the tires of a much faster bike and the skill of someone who had their training wheels taken off too soon. The humor of this situation lies not in the fact that he endangered himself and others, however. Instead, the reason he did it makes the icing on top of the cake that much sweeter.

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Imagine, if you will, that you are out for a drive in your brand new Porsche 911 GT3. The leather on the seats gives off such a sweet vintage smell, while the tight handling and hard acceleration remind you that you are in a modern-day beast. You look to your left to see nothing but open roads and grass. However, when you look to your right, an opponent emerges from the shadows. It's a motorcycle.

You're not sure if you can beat him or not but decide to give it your best try and have some fun. His hand raises to the sky and, with excellent reaction time, you put the pedal to metal and strong-arm your way to what you think will be victory. However, this biker has something else up his sleeve.

While sitting there in your comfortable Porsche, this cyclist had other plans in mind rather than just a race. Obviously, you had no chance against this motorcycle because he wasn't looking for a race. Yet, in one single-handed motion, this experienced rider fought his way to victory in the backflip contest to rival the works of Giacomo Agostini.

The bike may have been trashed, and the Porsche may have been nearly destroyed, but the prize was claimed nonetheless. While this flippage may not have been entirely intentional, the way that he handled it was legitimately impressive as he had to pull out some swift ninja moves to narrowly escape serious injury. We're glad that he wasn't hurt, but we hope that this has taught him that if you're going to race your bike, at least learn how to ride it first.

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