Barn Find Mustang Literally Torn Out

Oct 21, 2022 2 min read
Barn Find Mustang Literally Torn Out

They had to take down part of a wall to get it out…

For about 40 years, a classic Ford Mustang sat tucked away in a pole barn in the middle of rural Michigan. Until recently, not many people knew of its existence, that is until a barn find hunter tracked it down, bagging the kind of car he had always dreamed of finding. In fact, the guy said the day before he extracted the classic pony car he couldn’t even sleep out of sheer excitement.

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To get this Mustang out of the barn where it was found, the team had to take apart one of the walls since it was trapped inside. The whole operation was pretty dramatic, making the video more entertaining to watch. We can only imagine the level of anxiety felt by the barn find hunter as he peeled back the building to extract the classic Ford.

What’s really great about the situation is the guy who rescued the car isn’t just going to flip it. We know a lot of enthusiasts get sick of the barn find hunters who do some work on a rescued vehicle, only to turn around and sell it to someone who has a massive collection for a ridiculous sum. That kind of activity has been helping to drive prices up, squeezing out less-affluent collectors from the market for too long. Instead, this guy was given the blessing of the family which owned the Mustang because they knew he wouldn’t do something like that.

That’s what we like to see: car collecting and enthusiasm bringing people together, strengthening relationships, not just being a cold, cash-driven business. After all, meets, cruises, and other events are really about community, or at least they should be.

Check out the video for yourself.

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