Barn Find 1965 Impala Hidden For 30 Years

Aug 27, 2022 1 min read
Barn Find 1965 Impala Hidden For 30 Years

After decades of sitting, this Impala sees light once again.

Barn finds are an intelligent way to discover various vintage vehicles from every era. Many of the original performance cars and classics were stored away for decades and eventually forgotten. Years later, many enthusiasts began to rediscover the extraordinary wonders these cars can provide, and finally, these cars are being brought back into the light of day. Sometimes these finds can come from property purchase, landscaping work, or a deliberate purchase of one of these insane classic vehicles. One of the most popular brands in these uncoverings is Chevrolet which has always been one of the best producers of automobiles for decades.

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This vehicle is a perfect example of what you might call the "run of the mill classic Chevy" as it boasts four doors on this 1965 Chevrolet Impala. The color is a stunning bright blue, which was a fantastic option for the time, which was a colorful year for the design of the vintage GM vehicles that we all know and love. The interior doesn't look too bad as the age is pretty well hidden. Unlike many cars of a similar caliber, it would appear that the inside of the vehicle has been very well protected from rodents or other animals that usually lead to the destruction of the interior.

Under the hood is the average six-cylinder, which hasn't run in quite a few years and puts out very minimal power numbers. This car wasn't insanely desirable, nor was it a highly powerful or high-performing vehicle even when it was made. More than likely, this was an everyday driver or grocery, but this thing is still rich with history throughout the body of this chaotic piece of automotive art.

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