733-HP K5 Jimmy Is A Tire Killer

Jun 17, 2022 2 min read
733-HP K5 Jimmy Is A Tire Killer

The Hoonigan team is starting to get out of hand in a good way.

The K5 platform has been known for many things in the American automotive enthusiast community. With four-wheel drive, great V8 options, and iconic styling, these were essentially the perfect trucks for their times. However, of all things these trucks are known for, drifting is not one of them. That was until Zac, from Hoonigan, decided to show off his daily drive GMC K5 Jimmy which appears to have a lift kit and some Trophy truck wheels and tires. From the exterior, this truck looks like a great offroader or work truck, and it's unlikely anyone would guess what it's got under the hood.

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Spinning all four tires of this incredible vehicle is a massive 572 cubic inch V8 engine which uses its gigantic stature to produce some mind-blowing numbers. Horsepower clocks in around 733, while torque is square at 733 ft/lbs, making it perfect for all performance situations. Apparently, this truck's lowest torque figure is around 650 ft/lbs in the lower rpm range, which climbs with greater acceleration. We said previously that it would be hard to tell the performance of this K5 from the exterior, but we should probably specify that only if the truck is off. When you turn this vehicle on, the exhaust lets you quickly know exactly what you're working with.

The most baffling part of this video has got to be how this truck bounces and twists with acceleration. This is similar to what happens to G-body cars, so common that the term "G-body twist" has become a meme in the car community. Despite the instability and flexy bodywork of this high horsepower beast, Zac can still control it at full throttle as he rips out an incredible four-wheel-drive burnout session. When all was said and done, one of the team, Gary, got on the passenger side to experience the event entirely. Afterward, Zac and Gary looked like they needed a new set of pants, which is why the truck will undergo some new mods to increase stability and control. Whether this truck stays a crazy power-hungry beat uncontrollable by most or turns into a controlled and articulate drifter, this will still be one of the coolest K5s the internet has ever seen.

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