There Are 4000 Vehicles Hidden On This Property

May 25, 2022 2 min read
There Are 4000 Vehicles Hidden On This Property

Including ones you have dreamed of owning, before they were left to rot.

Classic cars can be some of the most elusive vehicles to find in good condition across the United States. Sure we all have a neighbor who parks his beat-up old '80s sports car, muscle car, or personal luxury vehicle in his front yard but think about how many times you've seen one in good shape. Typically this is due to moisture in the air creating rust and general neglect by the owners, which seems to have been the case for this collection of vintage vehicles. Now being relocated to new, hopefully, more caring homes due to a recent death in the owner's family, this massive gathering of some of the world's most iconic cars is ready to see the light again.

First, we must say that this collection has over 4,000 cars in it, which probably values the entire collection in the millions, if not multi-millions. Even if they were to scrap every vehicle, the total profit would still add up to many thousands and possibly hundreds of thousands of dollars. This is just to put into perspective the insane value present and how much it must have taken to get them all there. Even when stretched over a lifetime of buying cars, the acquisition process is mind-boggling even to the most adept collectors. So what exactly does the compound hold for automotive enthusiasts like you and me?

At first glance, you should take note of the abundance of American vehicles which have been sitting there for decades. Of course, as you venture deeper into the mix, you begin to find many different types of cars. For example, there is a '70 Camaro that has lost its front half; a little further into the field, you can clearly see some Scouts, a Ford Tractor, and even some Japanese cars. Diversification was clearly the name of the game for this collector, and now these cars will be sold off and released into the world of automotive enthusiasts. Some of these will likely be restored, while others may see the crusher as a daunting fate for any car lover. Whatever happens to these cars, we can respect and appreciate the dedication it took to amass this incredible collection and rejoice in knowing the market will be flooded with over 4,000 classic cars.

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