This 1969 AMC IS AMX-hilarating

Feb 23, 2022 2 min read
This 1969 AMC IS AMX-hilarating

This is one of the rarest classic muscle cars to ever hit the American sales floor and with more options than even some modern cars it's an incredible find.

We've covered a lot of rare American cars before, but you'd be hard-pressed to find a model more unique and challenging to see than an AMC AMX. While names like the Barracuda, Mustang, And Camaro are familiar to even the most novice car enthusiast, this six-letter car never got the sort of spotlight that the models mentioned above did. That means that while it was faster, cheaper, and some would say better looking than most of its competitors, the AMX is still relatively unknown by the younger crowd. However, one of the special few who still remember these speed demons. This car might be the perfect opportunity to show off a super rare muscle car from the late 1960s without sacrificing style, power, or performance.

If you haven't already guessed, this is a 1969 AMC AMX that has been kept in surprisingly good condition over the years. Coating the exterior is a smooth copper paint that radiates a subtle brown color in the sun. It's nearly impossible to not notice this thing as it drives down the road doing all sorts of tire spinning and hard accelerating along the way. A set of vintage wheels show off the old-school style of this hotrod, and the white lettered tires harken back to the early days of NASCAR. This performance-focused style continues to the interior, as well as the white Hurst shifter, black leather bucket seats, and racing-inspired steering wheel, make driving an incredible experience.

Under the hood is a massive powerhouse with a ton of respect within the classic car community. But, of course, we're talking about the AMC 390 ci V8, which was capable of putting out a ridiculous 325 horsepower, or at least that's what the factory rating said. This car was trendy within drag racing for its drastic underrating of power and performance, which later led the NHRA to give the car a rating of 420 horsepower. But, which even rating is accurate, we can assure you that driving this car will always bring a smile to your face as it sports a four-speed manual transmission. That means that this car will always be here to give you an exhilarating driving experience at the turn of a key. protects buyers and sellers with many unique features to the Auction experience. First pays for an independent inspection and posts the results on each car it sells. Then the payment is handled by and escrow service so your car and your money are secure. Finally, a Customer Service Representative helps you before, during and after the sale. Visit to learn more.

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