Slide Into Some Old School Luxury With This 1966 Plymouth Fury III Convertible

Aug 24, 2021 2 min read
Slide Into Some Old School Luxury With This 1966 Plymouth Fury III Convertible

It’s now available through the Lucky Collector Car Auction.

Introduced in the mid 1950s, the Plymouth Fury came at a time when people were really starting to demand style out of their cars. It was offered as a level above the Belvedere and swapped between being a full-size car to a mid-size car, and landing on being a full-sized car again by the time this 1966 Plymouth Fury III Convertible was made.

This 1966 Plymouth Fury III Convertible was made under the fourth generation run of the Plymouth Fury, and was made around a Chrysler C-body platform. The Fury III was offered as an upline above the I and II variants, with a full line of options available for the III.

The 1966 models had the same appearance as the 1965, and was the last of this particular styling before being restyled for 1967. This convertible is powered by a 318 cubic inch engine and has white tires with deluxe hub caps, power steering, and air conditioning.

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