Cruise Together In His and Hers 1967 Matching GTOs

Nov 17, 2022 2 min read
Cruise Together In His and Hers 1967 Matching GTOs

The question is hardtop or top down.

1966 might have been the best year for the GTO in terms of sales and production numbers, but 1967 model years had a clear advantage under the hood. General Motors has a long track-record of banning performance options among certain models, especially when it thinks the move will benefit its precious Corvette. Most of the time these bans limited the power output of some of its best selling cars and sometimes it was about safety and made the brand better. But these restrictions almost always had unintended consequences that happened as a clear result of the people in charge of actually building the cars trying to work around arbitrary rules set by those in charge of managing profits. For the 1967 model year, GM reserved the super famous multi-carb induction system for Chevrolet’s star model. This resulted in Pontiac stuffing the largest engine allowed, a 400-cid engine, under the hood of the legendary GTO.

Both of these Pontiac GTOs are in stellar shape, with the differences being the body style. Both Champagne PPG Exterior over Red Interior, one is coupe, with the other being a convertible. 400 cubic inch engines power both cars, and they come from the same, award winning private collection. Each has undergone frame off restorations, and lots of money has been invested to make them the excellent Pontiac GTOs you see here.

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