Alec Cartio: A Different Vision In The World of Cars

Oct 11, 2022 1 min read
Alec Cartio: A Different Vision In The World of Cars

Have a closer look at a real car guy working inside the automotive world in several ways.

With clients like BMW, Sony Music, and Universal Music Group. Alec Cartio of CARTIOLOGi Films stays plenty busy. His mission is to tell the story, not just film it. There’s more to filming than just a beginning, a middle, and an end, and this is what inspires Alec Cartio to bring the cars to life on film. Not only that, Alec Is a BMW expert and his work in the auction industry is widely seen, like on Bring a Trailer.

"At CARTIOLOGi Films, we bring to the screen that very first moment in time when an individual falls in love with the car, which they spend a lifetime acquiring... and when they do, we are there too.”

Alec is one of the foremost experts on BMWs especially 8 Series Cars. With over 117 cars sold on Bring A Trailer, this includes a record-setting Acura NSX owned by Miguel Duhamel selling for $277,017, found under Bring a Trailer auctions by CARTIOLOGi. All of these cars sold, and the account has only been on BaT since 2017. His work is broad, CARTIOLOGi films is his passion, which seems to tie it all in together. View his films here.

Please watch the video for more.

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