900-HP Shelby Super Snake Has Shelby History

May 3, 2023 2 min read
900-HP Shelby Super Snake Has Shelby History

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Shelby has made some incredible innovations within the Mustang lineup ever since the initial release of the pony car in 1964. Who could forget the original GT500 and GT 350 models that made headlines for being the fastest cars of their time? Without a doubt, Shelby American truly helped shape the way the Mustang would be presented for years to come which is why they are so valuable to this day. One great example of that is the Shelby Super Snake.

This is a very interesting car as many have overlooked it in the past. This particular example was built in 2007 and sports all of those features you might expect from a GT500, with a couple of add-ons as well. Under the hood you’ll find a 5.4 L supercharged V-8 engine. Still used in the GT500 platform today, this displacement coupled with force induction makes it a beast to compete with in any form of racing. Perhaps that’s why it was chosen to be owned and driven by the man himself, Carroll Shelby.


  • Shelby Automobiles Inc. / Shelby American Owned
  • Carroll Shelby Owned & Driven
  • John Luft (Former President of Shelby American Owned
  • Shelby American Shelby Super Snake Package
  • Shelby American Wide Body Package
  • Shelby American / Speed Shop Hole Shot Package
  • 900 + Horsepower
  • Believed to be 1 of 1
  • 200 Miles on all Packages
  • 4 Inch Binder Full of Documentation

That’s right, this pony car was so fast that the king of speed had to get his hands on one but that certainly isn’t where the car's history in the Shelby family ended. On top of that, John Luft, the former president of Shelby American, also owned and presumably drove a car which should tell you that it’s such a great ride that even the company that made it put in there to part with the vehicle. If that’s not a sign of a vehicle's integrity then I don’t know what is, which is exactly why you should consider adding this 2007 Shelby GT500 Super Snake to your automotive collection.

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