427-Powered 1965 Backdraft Cobra Selling This Weekend In Stanton, Texas

Feb 20, 2023 2 min read
427-Powered 1965 Backdraft Cobra Selling This Weekend In Stanton, Texas

Light and ready for a fight, this Cobra is truly powerful.

We all love the original Shelby Cobra but few fail to see some of the biggest things it lacks that make a car relevant today. Many of the people who buy these cars do so because of the name, reputation, and value. However, if you’re a true speed-lover, you might be more in luck looking toward this beast. It may say 1965 but you better believe this Cobra has one thing on its mind, showing these new racers a thing or two about going fast.

Starting up like a wild beast emerging from the darkness of sleep, you can hear a distinct rumble echo through the trees around you. It’s like being surrounded by a wolf pack, and you just so happen to be the head honcho. The edge to push that gas pedal is always present and as that 427 cubic inch V8 engine screams to life, there aren’t many people who can resist the temptation. After all, why would you want to?

Indeed, this engine was built sturdy enough to withstand all sorts of crazy driving, up to and including racing. And even after being run through the track like that wolf chasing it’s next meal, it’ll still crank out a healthy 536 horsepower and 515 ft/lbs of torque. If you think that’s crazy, we haven’t even mentioned that it’s built on an extremely lightweight chassis. All of these features make it the perfect road racer from the 1960s. The only question now is, can you handle it?

Bid Online or In Person. Visit https://www.proxibid.com/Jeff-Martin-Auctioneers-Inc/WEST-TX-CLASSIC-CAR-AUCTION/event-catalog/232352 for more information.

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