2018 Tumbler Batmobile For Sale

May 27, 2021 2 min read
2018 Tumbler Batmobile For Sale

Vicari Auctions to sell the world's most screen accurate Batmobile ever made.

There are fewer generations with more ability to create nostalgia than the 1980s. The cars, while not your typical muscle cars, flashy by today’s standards, or even really that powerful, had a way of winning the hearts of those that drove them. Likewise, film played a big role in the 1980s and for Zach and Stephanie Dandera there was one movie in particular that really struck a chord. ‘Back To The Future’ was the epitome of what the 1980s were all about for the couple who met at a local Columbus, Ohio club’s ‘80’s night in 2005. This shared admiration for the 1980s blossomed into the relationship that followed and just three years later they moved from Ohio to Florida which allowed them the opportunity to build an entertainment company, Dandera Entertainment Inc. DEi.

In 2012, they threw an ‘80s themed event of their own. After that epic event, Zach and Stephanie commissioned a former NASA Aerospace Engineer to build them a DeLorean time machine. The result was the most screen accurate example ever made. Using the creation for good, the couple aligned the car with the Michael J Fox Parkinson Foundation, to which they made many donations, and travelled around to various Children Hospitals bringing joy to children that desperately needed a reason to smile. In 2015, the Danderas sold their DeLorean to a Japanese based company for well over $100K.

Wanting to do something different, Zach set out in 2018 to commission the build of the Batmobile first seen in the film ‘The Dark Knight.’ Like the DeLorean build, the quality was unmatched. However, unlike the DeLorean, the Batmobile had to be hand built from the ground up as it is not based on any pre-existing vehicle. This 2018 Tumbler Batmobile is powered by a 350-cid small block engine with less than 50 miles showing on the clock. Like the exterior finish, the interior is finished in black as well. The complex process of this build has made this a one of maybe five known examples and now it is listed for sale via Vicari Auctions. Check out the listing and register to bid here.

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