Get Nostalgic In This Modern-Day Pontiac Trans Am

Jul 28, 2020 3 min read
Get Nostalgic In This Modern-Day Pontiac Trans Am

This Trans Am conversion is far more than just a badge and sticker swap.

The Pontiac Trans Am has been dead since 2002, but if you're craving a modern-day Trans Am, look no further. This black-and-gold Bandit-style Trans Am is an example of what Nostalgic Motoring Ltd. has to offer bringing the iconic appearance of a Y82 Trans Am to a fifth-generation (2010-15) Chevy Camaro SS.

Image Credit: Nostalgic Motoring Ltd.

Nostalgic Motoring's series of Trans Am conversions starts with a body inspired by the 1977-78 model year. This starts with the aero-shaped front nose with the split grille openings and the iconic shaker hood with the unmistakable screaming chicken graphic. Vented fenders and three-bar taillights also mimic the late '70s Trans Am style, and while this car is missing the Snowflake wheels, these gold Y-spoke wheels combine classic and modern style and help show off those Brembo brakes. More than just a body kit, these conversions also include a custom Pontiac interior with more screaming chickens on the headrests, door panels and floor mats.

What really makes these conversions so cool is that customers have so many choices for creating their builds. Based on the Camaro SS, all of these conversions pack a 426-horsepower 6.2-liter V8, and customers can choose from manual or automatic transmissions as well as an optional supercharger and performance exhaust. Customs can also choose between a shaker hood (like this car has) or a dual snorkel hood from the Firebird Formula.

Image Credit: Nostalgic Motoring Ltd.

If you want to stand out at car shows and cruise-ins, then you'll want to check out the Pontiac Trans Am conversions being sold through Nostalgic Motoring Ltd. No pricing for these conversions has been announced, but you can contact Nostalgic Motoring Ltd. for more information on this authentic and fully licensed conversion kit.

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