1987 Buick Grand National: The Last Of Buick’s Dark Side

Apr 19, 2021 2 min read
1987 Buick Grand National: The Last Of Buick’s Dark Side

The last year of the Buick Grand National may have been recognized as the pinnacle of Buick’s performance side but the truth is that it had been coming for quite a while.

Buick has had many high performance models over the years and were instrumental in GM’s muscle car game. As the era died off, though, memories of their contributions to it became faded, maybe faster than most others, and the line's sporty offerings were whittled down to just the Riviera and Regal models. Neither of which inspired images of pavement blister performance, that is until 1982 when Buick debuted the infamous Grand National.

In 1984, the name plate returned with a dark twist - A signature black finish and a standard turbocharged 3.8-liter V6 engine. Originally rated at a modest 200-horsepower, it didn’t take long for Buick to push the limits of the powerplant’s capabilities. Although enthusiasts had long figured it out and by its final year in 1987 the Grand National had become known as the “dark-side” that sparked fear in its rivals on and off the track.

GAA is offering enthusiasts the opportunity to get behind the wheel of a well modified example in excellent condition. This 1987 Grand National features a long list of upgrades including a recent custom tune by Richard Clark's Garage, ported and polished heads, a Ruggles cam with hydraulic lifters, and Hooker headers. While it is unclear from the ad listed for the upcoming April auction, judging by the modifications to the intercooler and the addition of Alcohol Injection and Nitrous Oxide, it is clear that this car is more than adequately suited for the track. However, the low 11k original mileage and perfect original paint makes it perfect for show as well. For more information on this car along with an in depth list of its modifications be sure to check it out on gaaclassiccars.com.

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