Ford Introduces New Factory-Applied Clear Matte Film for 2024 Mustang

Mar 1, 2024 1 min read
Ford Introduces New Factory-Applied Clear Matte Film for 2024 Mustang

Mustang buyers have a new customization option.

Ford has announced an innovative addition to its customization options for the 2024 Mustang model: a factory-applied clear matte film. This optional accessory, available for any new Mustang coupe, is set to enhance the vehicle's aesthetic appeal with a satin-like finish while providing added paint protection. Priced at $5,995, the new matte film option will be available for delivery with the first models in June 2024, Ford confirmed.

This clear matte film is designed to shield the Mustang's paint from various environmental threats, including road salt, asphalt residue, and the harsh chemicals found in touchless car wash solutions. Alongside its protective qualities, the film bestows a unique matte finish on the Mustang, offering owners a distinctive look that stands out from the traditional gloss.

Customers opting for this matte film will also benefit from a 3-year or 36,000-mile warranty, aligning with the standard warranty period for the car itself. However, Ford has noted that this feature is initially exclusive to the coupe version of the Mustang. Convertible enthusiasts will have to wait until fall to access this customization option.

There are specific limitations to the availability of the clear matte film. It cannot be combined with the 'GT California Special Appearance Package', the 'Graphics Package', or the painted racing stripes. Furthermore, the Dark Horse variant of the Mustang can be equipped with the clear film, provided it does not include accent stripes on the bonnet.

Ford's move to offer such a distinctive customization option underscores the company's commitment to providing Mustang owners with personalized choices to enhance their vehicle's appearance and protection. The introduction of the clear matte film represents a blend of style and practicality, ensuring that the iconic Mustang continues to evolve with the preferences of modern consumers.

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