Incredible Custom 1977 Bronco Beast Up For Auction

Nov 1, 2021 2 min read
Incredible Custom 1977 Bronco Beast Up For Auction

This fantastic Ford Bronco boasts plentiful performance and amazing handling along with a stunning exterior to satisfy all of your Bronco needs!

The first-generation Ford Bronco is a vehicle that has become highly famous within the American automotive enthusiast community. This incredible reputation comes from decades of proven performance, quality, and reliability both on the road and off of it. The first-generation Bronco was so successful that production went on for an astonishing 11 years with only minor changes across the production years. However, everything good must come to an end, and the first-gen Bronco would meet its future after 1977. While later generations were good enough to suit any offroading, hauling, or high-speed police chase needs, there is something extraordinary about the first generation. Unfortunately, these cars can be generally difficult to come by as many enthusiasts will jump at the chance to acquire one without much deliberation. So what are you supposed to do if you are one of these Bronco-loving enthusiasts?

This custom 1977 Ford Bronco might be just the thing to satisfy your need for an excellent example of the final production year for the first-generation Bronco. Under the hood of this potent offroading champion is a massive 408 ci stroker V8 engine. That insane powerhouse is transferring energy through a responsive four-speed manual transmission. Holding the car off the ground is a set of 17" wheels wrapped in an enormous collection of 35" sets of tires. Of course, it would be difficult to talk about this vehicle without mentioning the lifted suspension, which also sports Bilstein shocks.

If you were worried about the handling and stopping capability of this gigantic sport utility vehicle, don't be. This heavily modified Bronco features excellent handling features such as power steering, power-assisted Wilwood brakes, and some manually-locking front hubs. The exterior is finished in beautiful blue and white two-tone with a removable top for when you want to have some extra fun in the sun. The final piece to the exterior puzzle is the black fender extensions which truly tie the entire build together and give this Bronco an aggressive stance as it barrels through the rock climbing, trailblazing, daily driving requirements like a hot knife through butter.

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