1970 AMC Rebel Machine

1970 AMC Rebel Machine

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Following the release of the 1969 SC/Rambler “Scrambler, AMC came back in 1970 with The Machine. It was another recognizable muscle car as the first ones were painted white and featured bold red, white, and blue reflective stripes (made by 3M) on the body sides that wrapped over the trunk lid.
1968 AMC AMX

1968 AMC AMX

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The AMC AMX was a two-seat GT-style sports car that was produced by American Motors Corporation for the 1968 through 1970 model years. The AMX was also classified as a muscle car, but was unique among other American cars at the time due to its short wheelbase.
1970 AMC AMX

1970 AMC AMX

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American Motors 1970 AMX advertising headlined, "We made the AMX look tougher this year because it's tougher this year". They were mildly face-lifted resembling the first two model years, but the changes were different enough to be a separate design for 1970.
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