1970 Dodge Challenger



The Dodge Challenger was Dodge’s response to the Mustang

The Dodge Challenger was Dodge’s response to the Mustang, it was a little late in the race though. Ford's Mustang had taken off as the "Pony Car" of the day. It would have been something else if Dodge had pulled off the upset and beat out Mustang, but the following was just too great for Dodge to make a small dent in the Mustang sales. The Challenger was also in competition with the Barracuda.

There was a unique concept about the Challenger, you were able to choose from just about every engine in the Chrysler lineup to put in the Challenger. Dodge got it right and saw that it would need to compete against the more “luxury” branded cars such as Mercury Cougar.

Production Numbers

Challenger: 2 - Dr Hardtop V6 and V8 53,337
Challenger: 2 - Dr Sports Hardtop V6 and V8 6,584
Challenger: R/T: 2 - Dr Hardtop 14,889
Challenger: 2 - Dr Convertible V6 and V8 3,173
Challenger R/T: 2 - Dr Sports Hardtop 3,979
Challenger R/T: 2 - Dr Convertible 1,070
Challenger T/A - 2 - Dr Hardtop 1,000+
Total Production 84,032

Performance Specs

Engine Size Carb. HP 0 to 60 Quarter mile
225 i6 225ci 1x1bbl 145 hp - -
318 V8 318ci 1x2bbl 230 hp - -
340 v8 340ci 1x4bbl 275 hp - -
340 V8 340ci 3x2bbl 290 hp 7.0 sec 15.2 sec
383 V8 383ci 1x2bbl 330 hp - -
383 V8 383ci 1x4bbl 335 hp - -
426 Hemi 426ci 2x4bbl 425 hp 6.3 sec 13.1 sec @ 107.1 mph
440 Magnum 440ci 1x4bbl 375 hp - -
440 Six Pack 440ci 3x2bbl 390 hp 6.2 sec 13.7 sec @ 105 mph
198 I6 198ci 1x1bbl 125 hp - -


  • 4-Speed Manual
  • TorqueFlite

Paint & Colors


Light Blue Metallic
Bright Blue Metallic
Bright Blue
Light Green Metallic
Dark Green Metallic
Medium Tan Metallic
Light Gunmetal Metallic
Dark Tan Metallic
Light Gold Metallic
Plum Crazy
Hemi Orange
Dark Burnt Orange


Citron Gold Metallic
Puma Tan Metallic
Sunfire Orange Metallic
Bayou Green Metallic
Baltic Blue Metallic
Jewel Black

OEM Brochures

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