Well, this British supercar used to be a real looker.

It’s not every day you get the chance to own what would normally be a $300,000 car at a fraction of that price. Tavarish had that opportunity with a wrecked McLaren 675LT and he pulled the trigger. What’s really surprising about the YouTuber’s move is that he already went through the process of restoring a Lamborghini Murcielago which had been trashed during the filming of the last Fast & Furious movie.

Some people never learn, as Tavarsih openly admits at the beginning of his video on this crashed 2016 McLaren 675LT. Still, it’s a way for him to grab one of the most beautiful and desirable supercars out there. Sure, it’s rough but it’s also his, so there’s that.

One thing you have to think about is how much restoring this McLaren will set Tavarish back. Yes, it was a relatively cheap purchase, but all those shredded body panels alone have got to cost a pretty penny. This project is being sponsored, so it’s possible Tavraish isn’t going to be paying anything out of pocket for parts. Also, he’s going to be doing the work himself, which will help bring the cost down considerably. Even with all that help it’s going to be a long process.

Later, Tavarish admits how grateful he is to be working on supercars, even though they’re trashed so thoroughly. As he points out, in the past he wouldn’t have even thought he’d be in such a position ever. At least the guy’s thankful and appreciative of his unique position, instead of whining about how put-upon he is by having such an opportunity.

There’s no doubt Tavarish bought this McLaren 675LT in part for dramatic effect. Even though it’s going to be expensive and difficult to restore, he’s getting plenty of traffic off this one video alone. By the time he has the British supercar put together completely, he’ll have made some good side cash off YouTube revenue alone. In other words, don’t feel sorry for the guy one bit. Tavarish is just doing what he does best: entertaining the masses, and that’s all.

Image credit: YouTube

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