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300mph Barris Snakepit Dragster Sells For Bargain Price

Created by the designer of the original Batmobile, the Barris Snakepit dragster has sold for far less than the auction estimate What you are gawping at is the Barris Snakepit, a bonkers land-speed creation from the mind of late TV and movie car designer George Barris. Almost like something stra...
By Tyler Heatley Feb 15, 2019

This Tuned Mercedes-Benz 190 E Is The Ultimate Canyon Runner

They usually say that too many cooks spoil the broth, but this Smoking Tire video featuring a hot-rod tuned Mercedes 190E might just prove that old saying wrong… Mercedes originally developed the 190 E to contend in the World Rally Championship. As such, billions of Dollars were invested in the...
By Gillian Carmoodie Feb 15, 2019

Original Aston Martin Bulldog Review Footage Surfaces Online

The Bulldog was Aston Martin's bid for glory back in 1979. Designed to become the world's fastest production car, the project was eventually terminated with only one car built Aston Martin will soon launch its first mid-engined production vehicle. Dubbed the 'Valkyrie', Aston's extreme hyper c...
By Tyler Heatley Feb 15, 2019

London Classic Car Show Welcomes Jaguar E-Type Restorations

A pair of early Jaguar E-Types, representing a car's journey through restoration, will attend the London Classic Car Show At today’s London Classic Car Show, Footman James are presenting a pair of iconic classics to highlight the restoration works of Classic Motor Cars. A double act of prestigio...
By Tyler Heatley Feb 14, 2019

Rare 'Holy Grail' Mazda Miata MX-5 Up For Sale At $38K!

Got a spare $38k to spend on your car collection? Take a look at the 'Holy Grail' Mazda Miata that you probably never knew existed! The words “Rare” and “Miata” rarely cross paths. The Mazda sportscar instead resides in numbers likely to give Count von Count a seizure. However, between the eye-w...
By Elizabeth Puckett Feb 14, 2019

Watch These Rare Lamborghini Diablo GTs Strut Their Stuff

Just 80 Lamborghini Diablo GTs were ever built, but this video features two of the V12 beasts! Do you want to see and hear six minutes of pure uninterrupted Lamborghini V12 action? The answer is obviously yes! YouTuber NM2255 Car HD Videos has put together a compilation video of Raging Bulls, in...
By Elliot Wood Feb 14, 2019

1962 AC Bristol: Los Angeles' Portside Racer

Petrolicious's latest video examines a customs specialist with a love for their classic racer Petrolicious’s latest video looks at a 1962 AC Bristol belonging to someone whose life has almost fully been focused on cars, but only recently on ownership and driving. Robin Grove first had an interes...
By Elliot Wood Feb 14, 2019

This Rare Lotus T125 Is The Ultimate Track Toy

Just a handful of these single-seaters cars were ever built. Heading to auction without reserve, this Lotus T125 might prove a bargain Who doesn’t want to experience a Formula 1 car? These thoroughbred machines made from the most exotic materials are just about the fastest land-based objects man...
By Tyler Heatley Feb 14, 2019
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