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Soap Star Joe Warren Plant Brings Home Classic Mustang

Joe Warren Plant, soap opera actor on Emmerdale, apparently has really nice taste in cars, despite being too young to drive. The actor who plays Jacob Gallagher on the long running soap show, Emmerdale, has great taste in cars. According to his Instagram page, he recently brought home a beauti...
By Elizabeth Puckett Feb 15, 2019

1968 Dodge Charger Is A Rare Find With A Great Story

After sitting for decades, this Dodge muscle car needs someone to put in some wheel time! Currently for sale on eBay, this striking brushed metal wrapped 1968 Dodge Charger is one of the most iconic body styles ever designed. It’s in amazing condition, and has a great story behind it, making it ...
By Elizabeth Puckett Feb 14, 2019

Con Artists Target Collector Car Buyers In Scam

The thieves used Mercedes-Benzes, Porsches, Teslas and 1960s Dodges, and Chevrolets as bait to steal money from automotive enthusiasts Ten people were arrested this week after posing as car dealers and collectors with vehicles for sale online. U.S. Federal Prosecutors said that the targets were...
By Elizabeth Puckett Feb 14, 2019

Follow 'The Grand Tour' By Taking The Keys Of This 2018 Demon

A trio of hapless automotive journalists have made the Dodge Demon SRT Challenger a star. Will you be the next to take it on? So you’ve recently watched The Grand Tour, seen Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May drive three American muscle cars through Detroit, run over some flowers, ho...
By Elliot Wood Feb 13, 2019

This Classic Fastback Mustang Has A Modern Coyote V8 heart

Is this the ultimate restomod Mustang? Classic design meets modern Ford pony car engineering We all love classic cars for their beautiful styling and abundance of character that so many modern cars lack. However, if we’re really honest with ourselves, we also hate how they can be unreliable and ...
By Tyler Heatley Feb 13, 2019

1970 Chevy Camaro LS3 Restored With Extreme Detail

This Camaro is a real work of ‘Art’ Call it a ‘restomod’, call it ‘protouring’, or heck, call it both, but this second-generation Camaro build is absolutely stunning. Over $200K has been invested in the build of this Camaro on eBay, and it features everything you’d want from a proper restomod -...
By Elizabeth Puckett Feb 12, 2019

Is This One-Of-A-Kind Custom Dodge Challenger Worth The Buy?

This 2009 Dodge Challenger is selling with some unique customizations. Does it tempt you? Muscle car rarity and provenance are dominated by one word: SEMA. The automotive show is where many cars make rare public appearances, and where even more are revealed to the world for the first time. There...
By Elliot Wood Feb 11, 2019

The Legend of the Big Red Camaro

This 1969 Camaro might be the most recognizable race car around Could this be the most legendary build of all time? Well, that’s a steep claim, but the Big Red Camaro is a serious car. Not only does it churn out 2000-horsepower and have a top speed of a blistering 266-mph, this steel-bodied 19...
By Elizabeth Puckett Feb 06, 2019
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