Someone Swapped A Cummins Diesel Into This Ford Mustang

Apr 3, 2022 1 min read
Someone Swapped A Cummins Diesel Into This Ford Mustang

This is some pretty twisted fun.

YouTuber Westen Champlin has a penchant for big diesel trucks, including semis. When he’s not playing with his many trucks, the guy does even crazier things like swapping a Cummins diesel engine into a Ford Mustang. Just what kind of sick, twisted, cool individual is this guy? You really have to watch the video accompanying this article, because words cannot completely describe this build.

The journey to building this Cummins-powered Mustang wasn’t an easy one, something Champlin has documented for a while. Swapping the engine into the muscle car took some maneuvering, but even with it installed there were some big issues like diesel pouring out of it like a civ. Yeah, that shouldn’t be happening.

And just when Champlin thought he was out of the hoods, the injectors started leaking. Honestly, things could be so much worse with such a crazy build.

Anyway, Champlin must be a pretty determined guy, because along with his crew he soldiered on and fixed his weird Frankenstein pony car again and again until it now seems to run well enough. After all, it does some pretty sick burnouts and who isn’t a fan of that? Plus, it rolls coal with the best of them, right out of a short stack from the engine bay. That’ll anger some people, for sure.

With such a lightweight car packing all that diesel-powered torque, this Mustang should absolutely destroy a set of tires in no time. Hopefully Champlin has a good tire guy, because he’s going to need some solid discounts.

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