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Check Out Ruf's Own Perfectly Restored Porsche 901

By Tyler Heatley Feb 12, 2019
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By Tyler Heatley Feb 12, 2019
Ruf remains well known for modified Porsches, but the tuning firm also owns this very rare 901 that has just been restored.

Ruf Automobile is famed for crafting highly-modified Porsches. So much so, that German authorities recognise the firm with manufacturer status, rather than as a commonplace tuning house.

However, while the company tinkers and enhances these sports cars beyond factory recognition, they still appreciate an all-original model. This very early Porsche 901 belongs to Ruf and is reported to be worth over $1 million.


The Hoonigan Bonus YouTube channel is full of great car culture videos, but a recent visit to a German Porsche restoration shop caught our eye. This shop specialises in using ‘new-old’ or restored parts to create the most authentic restorations possible. Perched on a car lift was a very early Porsche 911, or technically a 901.

Just 82 Porsche 901s were built before Peugeot lodged a complaint with the German sports car manufacturer. The French car maker accused Porsche of using the same ‘two digits separated by a zero’ naming convention that it did, something Peugeot had exclusive rights to in France. Long story short, the Porsche 901 changed its name to 911, and the rest is history.

This freshly restored 901 belongs to Ruf Automobiles and had just been completed by the unnamed shop. The originality of the car is impressive to say the least, with each part perfectly restored and factory stickers retained.

Every inch of this Porsche appears look brand-new, a testament to the work undertaken at this German establishment. Even the underside of the car appears factory fresh, with the only modification being some rust protection.

‘The only thing we try to do when we restore the cars is to protect them from rust. But we tend to restore them as original and save as many original parts as possible’ explained a garage spokesperson.

The video also highlights a quirk of early 911s that’s housed in the nose of the car. While the small compartment in the boot floor would typically contain an air conditioning unit, 901s featured a pre-heater to warm the cabin.

This video is a rare opportunity to get a closer look at a car that represents the dawn of the now famous Porsche 911.

Source: YouTube

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