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Jay Leno Explores The Beating Heart Of Lamborghini's V12

By Tyler Heatley Feb 11, 2019
By Tyler Heatley Feb 11, 2019
A pair of Lamborghini engines visit Jay Leno's Garage this week. The Miura and 8.0-liter marine V12s sound incredible!

Lamborghinis are mighty impressive beasts to behold. Their bold styling is what often comes to define them, but there’s also plenty to impress beneath the skin. The beating heart of each Raging Bull is a work of art, something that is aptly demonstrated in the latest episode of Jay Leno’s Garage.

Sitting naked in the middle of Jay’s well curated garage is a pair of very special Lamborghini engines. Fitted in a bespoke jig, each completely functional motor can be appreciated for its beautiful engineering. These engines belong to Andrew Romanowski, president of the Lamborghini Owners Club, and his friend Rob Cleary.

The first engine on display is arguably Lamborghini’s most famed as it belongs in a Miura. Mounted transversely when in the legendary supercar, this V12 is a marvel to look at with its Weber carburettors on show. The unit is a far cry from the seized and unloved block it was prior to restoration.


Firing up the Lamborghini Miura engine, Jay relishes the symphony of its 12-cylinder orchestra. Revving the 345-horsepower powerplant might aggravate the neighbors, but it never fails to put a smile on the face of gearheads.

The second engine is a fascinating 8.0-liter marine engine Lamborghini built. This huge 500ci powerhouse was to be offered in the Lamborghini LM002 SUV at one point, but engineers soon found that it was too big and heavy for a car. Development of the motor continued though through the 1980s, with a new aim of offering it to powerboat manufacturers.

As you can imagine, the 770-hp marine engine makes a thunderous noise even when idle. Its guttural tone is just as magnificent as the smaller Miura engine on which the design is based. As far as we know, nobody has successfully fitted this monster unit into a car, so consider that your challenge.

Later in the video, Andrew talks about what’s next for his Miura engine and how it will return to the road. With the original Miura chassis restored, but the body missing, a new one will have to be fabricated.

While Jay didn’t take anything out for a drive this episode, this intriguing look at the heart of a Lamborghini is not to be missed.

Source: YouTube

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