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German Armoured Range Rover P38a Costs A Whopping €55K!

By Gillian Carmoodie Jan 24, 2019
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By Gillian Carmoodie Jan 24, 2019
In need of rapid – but exceedingly comfortable – getaway vehicle? You'd be hard-pushed to better this armoured, ultra-low mileage Range Rover P38 4.6 HS

Should you happen to find yourself in a trouble, and require a vehicle that can deliver a hasty but safe getaway, we can thoroughly recommend utilising this armoured 1998 Range Rover P38 4.6 HSE, modified to protection level B4/FB4 (that’s comprehensive safety to you and us) with input from MBB Security Cars.

Whatever your problem – unforgiving in-laws, an unannounced visit from the tax officials, a national crisis, pesky natural disasters, that impending alien invasion – any well-maintained P38 remains the solid choice of an informed yet stylish individual. But there is a cost for such ironclad opulence – some €55k ($62k/£48k), which must be an out-and-out record for the market's least-appreciated Range Rover.

Due largely to the P38’s hefty mass of 2280kg alongside superb off-road capabilities, Land Rover's second-generation Range Rover can virtually promise escape no matter which surface your all-wheel-drive is presented with. Tarmac, mud, a house – chances are this Range Rover has torn its way through all obstacles sometime before and barely noticed.

German armoured Range Rover P38
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Should you have upset a crowd, fear not, your desperate fumble to get the key into the ignition is rewarded with a bellowing roar from the 4.6-liter V8; sure to strike fear into anyone who dares stand in your way. Oh, are they standing in your way? Some folks clearly have

Never mind, pop the chunky wooden selector into Drive and stomp on the long accelerator pedal. This large blue automotive brick, employing 224bhp under the high square bonnet, hurtling towards them with a 0-60 time of 10.5 seconds would likely convince most to step aside. If not, front wings are more than replaceable.

From the driver’s seat you’ll have an unparalleled ability to survey the dodgy situation at hand thanks to the P38’s commanding road stance. Sticking with the road ahead will be prove easy so long as you remember not to push too hard on the corners. This P38 comes with all sorts of standard electronic trickery – computerised suspension and competent traction control – but as the 4x4 remains the size of cathedral, it’s wise to remember your high driving position on those slippery roundabouts.

Can’t afford to take it easy with the sight of trouble in the rear view mirror? Best change tact with the P38 and test those Michelin-fitted 18” alloy wheels off-road. This decision can change the situation entirely, especially when you select low-range using the H-layout automatic lever and feel the air suspension turn a countryside traverse into a surprisingly blissful affair.

German armoured Range Rover P38
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Free from jaw-clenching bumps and the stomach-churning grind of undercarriage scrapping against undergrowth, you'll soon forget about the pursuing chaos and begin debating that day's politics. Besides offering tranquil ride comfort, the adjustable suspension will keep things elevated and moving. Knocking off the Arden sport exhaust would prove annoying at the best of times, even more so when you’re on the run.

While you’re at it, why not take Iron Maiden’s advice and run for the hills? A P38 will climb even severe inclines for fun with a mighty 277ft-lbs torque pushing you onwards. At this point, the dashboard readout might advise of an mpg dipping below 5mpg but hey, do you want to come out of this alive or not? We thought as much. Onwards driver!

Hopefully, you’ll have shaken the threat from your rather voluminous boot by now, so why not take a moment and take in all this P38’s sumptuous interior has to offer? Finished to posh HSE spec, you’ll be seated on completely adjustable, cream leather seats surrounded by dark, opulent wood interior trim.

Superior air conditioning should help keep the heat down while a TV-video system with LCD screens guarantees to keep any fellow fugitives entertained. It’s tempting to relax in here and you probably can, knowing you have the Range Rover’s kickdown-in-waiting. Danger on the horizon? Not to worry, push the throttle firmly to the floor and this massive safety capsule will rush from 50 to 70mph in a mere 6.4 seconds. Not bad when you remembering the colossal kerb weight that you’re propelling.

German armoured Range Rover P38
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Meanwhile, splinter protection incorporated into the chassis and a run-flat system on all four tyres should keep you safe and on the move while intercom and fire extinguisher systems will help you deal with the unexpected. What may come as a surprise is the €54,900 ($62,000) asking price.

Currently, most Range Rover P38s sell below the €12,000 ($14,000) mark but how many armoured editions have you spotted on eBay lately? Coupled with a remarkably low odometer reading of 19,900km (12,365 miles) in the 21 years since manufacture and it starts to make sense.

That’s probably why anti-theft has also been installed, for once this stylish take on supreme automotive safety has delivered you to your destination in one piece, you’re going to want to make sure no one else steals the ultimate armoured classic car. Get a closer look at the armoured 1998 Range Rover P38 4.6-litre V8 HSE here.

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