Check Out This 589-Horsepower 2011 Dodge Challenger SRT8

Jul 24, 2019 2 min read
Check Out This 589-Horsepower 2011 Dodge Challenger SRT8

Modified by Petty’s Garage, this Mopar beast is ready to rumble.

One car that’s fun to play with is the Dodge Challenger. Petty’s Garage recently posted the below video to show off how it squeezed 589-RWHP from a 2011 Dodge Challenger SRT8. What’s even more amazing is the run was done in hot and humid conditions, so on a colder day output would be significantly higher.


With each pull on the dyno, a mighty roar issues forth from the Green With Envy Mopar beast. Then the sheet is brought into view, confirming that 589-RWHP figure. Torque is also impressive at 543 lb.-ft., so this Challenger is definitely no slouch. That’s impressive, considering in stock form the SRT8 pushes 470-horsepower, which still isn’t something to laugh at.

Of course, once you know what all is involved in this build, there’s no wonder the Dodge is so much more powerful. The Challenger SRT8 is packing a Magnuson 8-lb. supercharger, a custom grind blower by Comp Cams, upgraded supercharger pulley, and Petty’s Garage ported heads for plenty of force feeding for the engine. For the exhale, Kooks headers, high-flow cats, and mid pipes are included. To capture the potential of these upgrades, the car also gains a Petty’s Garage custom tune. Petty’s Garage upgraded rear cradle bushings help reduce wheel hop, can endure the harder launches this tweaked car kicks out, plus help boost cornering performance.

If Petty’s Garage can work this kind of wizardry on a 2011 Dodge Charger SRT, it’s not a bad place to check out upgrades for your ride. The company offers a range of production vehicles, so if you’re a Ford or GM fan you don’t have to compromise your values and choose a Mopar just to work with Petty’s. If you prefer to install parts yourself, Petty’s Garage will sell and ship a whole range of upgrades to you.

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