Factory Five 1933 Ford Roadster Is Ready For Cruising

Jul 19, 2019 2 min read
Factory Five 1933 Ford Roadster Is Ready For Cruising

This '33 Ford proves that no two kit cars are alike.

Factory Five Racing makes it easy to get behind the wheel of a vintage Ford hot rod, but that doesn't mean all builders take the easy route when completing their project. Just look at this 1933 Ford Roadster currently listed by Vanguard Motor Sales for $74,900.

Factory Five 1933 Ford Roadster Is Ready For Cruising

These kit cars are supplied with everything except the driveline (engine, transmission and rear end) as well as wheels and paint, and it's these elements that give each car its soul. Under the hood of this hot rod is a Ford Racing Boss 347 CID V-8 engine rated at 450 hp, which is backed by a Tremec five-speed manual and a 8.8-inch rear differential with 3.73 gears. Although this particular build is 10 years old, it still looks brand new and doesn't even have 6,000 miles on the odometer yet.

The true beauty of this '33 Ford, though, is its amazing paint job. As hard as it is to photograph black cars, you can easily see how flawless the paint is in these pictures, and the tasteful amount of chrome on the headlights and grille is a perfect touch. The American Racing wheels fit the car's look, and those fat rear tires perfectly fill out the massive rear fenders.

Factory Five 1933 Ford Roadster Is Ready For Cruising

There are many options when building a Ford hot rod kit car, but Factory Five is one of the best. The clean lines are assisted by factors such as the fuel filler cleverly hidden under the trunk lid and this car's optional removable hardtop, but it also has a cool look with the suicide doors and front-hinged hood.

As clean as the build is, the interior might be this car's strongest suit with low-back bucket seats, a super clean dash layout and a trunk that is fully carpeted with the battery hidden out of the way. All of these elements show the engineering that goes into the development of these cars not to mention the care that goes into building each one.


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