Watch The CCCA Cape May Tour From 1957

Sep 30, 2019 2 min read
Watch The CCCA Cape May Tour From 1957

A vintage video with a plethora of classic cars.

When Karl Benz invented the first gasoline-powered car back in 1885, nobody could have guessed that it would snowball into the hobby that it is today. That first car had three wheels, two seats, and resembled a tricycle. Now, these modern cars are coming out swinging, some packing an insane 700-horsepower straight off the assembly line. While these high-horsepower cars of today are fantastic, sometimes it is refreshing to take a look back at simpler times. This video by Classic Car Club of America does just that by taking us back to 1957 to show us an abundance of classic cars taking over Cape May.


Notice the classy attire of the people walking around in this video. The Cape May tour was a big deal and not just your average run-of-the-mill car show. There appears to be more of a sophistication and elegance that surrounded the event, not just a t-shirt and jeans. Adding to the appeal of the video is the grainy quality, a reminder that even the cameras were more simple. Even better, the video is in color.

Sitting at the very top of the Cape May Peninsula in New Jersey is the scenic town of Cape May. The charming place seems to be the perfect location for any car gathering with the beach, beautiful cars, and relaxation taking over the agenda. This is a vacation getaway that everyone in the family could forward to with a little bit of something for everyone no matter the age.

The CCCA was started in 1952, and it was created to enjoy the lifestyle that surrounds vintage vehicles. Members of the CCCA are dedicated to the preservation, collection, and enjoyment of these historic cars. The CCCA's main focus is on historic cars that were manufactured from 1915 to 1948, the classics of classics.


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