Insanely Rare 1977 AMC Matador Barcelona Edition Coupé Costs $23k

Jun 11, 2019 3 min read
1977 AMC Matador Barcelona Edition Coupé

When did you last see a 1977 AMC Matador? Let alone a Barcelona Edition Coupé? Time to bag a concours bargain!

Why don’t you take some time to admire and appreciate this rare 1977 AMC Matador Barcelona Edition Coupé? You’d be joining the previous owner, who has been doing exactly that for the car's entire life so far. Now up for sale at $23k through Streetside Classics, this acquisition makes for a seldom seen slice of automotive American heritage.

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These were pricey grand tourers when new, even boasting of 007 connections as Christopher Lee’s getaway vehicle in The Man With The Golden Gun. While this one doesn’t necessarily have Britt Ekland in the trunk (that we know of) or attachable wings, it does have air conditioning and all the retro 1970s touches you could possibly endure.

1977 AMC Matador Barcelona Edition Coupé

Just look at it! This vehicle sums up the ‘decade that last forgot’ perfectly. It makes for the ideal ‘70s machine. We can feel the wallpaper turning orange, and your trousers sprouting bell bottoms, from here.

A solid AMC Matador Coupé remains hard to find, certainly as so few of them have survived time’s onward march intact. Sourcing a concours specimen with factory-correct two-tone Golden Ginger and Sand Tan is nearly impossible, which is why we sat bolt upright upon finding this one in our classifieds.

1977 AMC Matador Barcelona Edition Coupé

Just to further our interest, everything from the vinyl roof to the hood badge radiates a sense that someone cared about this car correctly throughout its lifetime thus far. Even the immaculate two-tone wheels, reportedly unique to the pricey Barcelona package, still look fantastic today.

The Barcelona special edition came with a unique interior, but while such a statement often means late nights and financial migraines trying to source or recreate bespoke trim, this one has been perfectly preserved. It has wanted for nothing, and now offers a complete time warp cabin. You can feel the summer warmth of ’77 just looking at it.

1977 AMC Matador Barcelona Edition Coupé

As a survivor-grade Coupé, it's refreshing to find such an authentic presentation under the hood. The optional 360 ci V8 was unique to AMC, and the consignor can confirm that this is original to the car.

The engine bay appears clean and tidy, with all running gear performing without protest. Even the decals are correct. It all has a whiff of investment about it…

1977 AMC Matador Barcelona Edition Coupé

Parts availability for the V8 shouldn’t prove to be an issue, as the AMC unit remained in production well after the Chrysler takeover. It’s an engine worth keeping in stock condition, too, with lashings of torque to keep any driver entertained with ease.

Adding to this classic cruising attitude are features such as the three-speed automatic transmission, power steering, and power brakes with discs up front. The sale comes complete with maintenance records, service manuals, and the owner's manual.

1977 AMC Matador Barcelona Edition Coupé

Boiled down, this is a collector car that’s practically unseen in modern times that’s been perfectly preserved and doesn’t cost the earth to acquire. We can promise that it won’t hang around for long. You know what to do. Get a closer look here.

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