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Honda S2000: 20 Years of Insane VTEC Fun

The much loved Honda S2000 turns 20 in 2019. We took the keys to one of the very last cars built to celebrate the VTEC-powered sports car With fleeting sunny spells hinting that summer is on its way, it doesn’t take much to find yourself perusing the classifieds for some alfresco motoring. While...
By Tyler Heatley Feb 15, 2019

30 Years of NSX: Proof That Blood Is Thicker Than Water

It's the supercar that proved you didn't require Italian pedigree to go quickly. As the Honda/Acura NSX turns 30 years-old, we take a look back at this iconic machine It’s February 1989. Crowds gather around Acura's display stand at the Chicago Auto Show. Beneath a silk sheet lurks Japan's hotly...
By Tyler Heatley Feb 13, 2019

The Lotus Exige Sport 410 Proves That Less Is More

The thrill of driving isn't about how many settings your heated seat has. This Lotus Exige Sport 410 is a sports car that delivers pure excitement behind the wheel In the same way that cellphones do so much more than make a call, cars are ladened with gadgets and gizmos that make them capable of...
By Tyler Heatley Feb 12, 2019

Why The Mazda MX-5 Miata Is Still An Icon 30 Years On

Three decades since Mazda's MX-5 first captured mainstream public affection, we look back on what makes it so great – by converting a nonbeliever I have a confession to make; I hate the Mazda MX-5. Or, at least, I certainly used to. Offering a potent blend of handling, reliability and heritage t...
By Calum Brown Feb 08, 2019

Ferrari P4/5: The Prancing Horse Not Made By Ferrari

It was so good that Ferrari gave it a badge, but the P4/5 was actually a project by Pininfarina and movie producer Jim Glickenhaus The power of the Ferrari brand can be demonstrated by asking anybody, car geek or not, one simple question: ‘Name the first red car that comes to mind…’ Everyone say...
By Tyler Heatley Feb 07, 2019

Race Retro Primed For Spectacular 2019 Event

Race Retro 2019 will be packed full of legendary cars, exhibits, and star drivers. It's the number 1 motorsport show in Europe If you love legendary racing cars, then you won’t want to miss Race Retro on February 22-24, 2019. To be hosted at Stoneleigh Park in the UK, the annual event is touted ...
By Motorious Staff Feb 05, 2019

Driving The Rambo Lambo: Lamborghini LM002

Simply one of the most outrageous vehicles ever made, the Lamborghini LM002 was the world's first super SUV. The temperature is in the negative figures, the usually blue Braies Lake is frozen and icy white, and the landscape that surrounds it is dusted with snow. The Italian Mountains make for a...
By Tyler Heatley Feb 01, 2019

Top 10 Racing Liveries

In motorsport money matters, and that’s why pretty much every racing car you see is wearing the livery of a sponsor. However, some of these technicolour beauties come to represent far more than a marketing exercise and become intertwined with motorsport itself. Here are our top 10 historic racing...
By Tyler Heatley Jan 30, 2019
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