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Driving The Rambo Lambo: Lamborghini LM002

Simply one of the most outrageous vehicles ever made, the Lamborghini LM002 was the world's first super SUV. The temperature is in the negative figures, the usually blue Braies Lake is frozen and icy white, and the landscape that surrounds it is dusted with snow. The Italian Mountains make for a...
By Tyler Heatley Feb 01, 2019

Why The Range Rover P38a Deserves Space In Your Garage

Forever lampooned as a liability by keyboard warriors and marque snobs alike, the second generation Range Rover (P38a) remains criminally underrated. Here's why you should ignore the horror stories and buy one... There is one question often repeated to myself while stuck at the side of the road,...
By Calum Brown Jan 09, 2019

Top Five Most Iconic Paris-Dakar Rally Cars

There’s a longstanding argument as to which form of motorsport is the most gruelling. Is it Formula 1 with its relentless G-forces, the World Rally Championship due to its need for brain-frazzling pace notes, or is it the Word Endurance Championship for the required stamina? We think the answer m...
By Tyler Heatley Jan 07, 2019

UK Government Releases Historic MoT Rules – It's Good News!

The long-awaited UK MoT exemption rules have been released, and owners of historic cars, especially specials and modified classics, can breathe a sigh of relief The UK's Department for Transport has released the long-awaited definition of a Vehicle of Historic Interest (VHI), which will define t...
By David Lilywhite Dec 18, 2017

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