Female Owned Autosport Apparel Company Walks The Walk

By Elizabeth Puckett Jan 10, 2020
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By Elizabeth Puckett Jan 10, 2020
The Hot Garage is more than just a t-shirt retailer!

Victoria, Nevaeh , SieSie, and Ellie make up the team that run The Hot Garage (THG), are all working towards a mission. They not only make apparel that appeals to what women actually want to wear, but making sure there’s support for women in the enthusiast community is equally important.

The company structure is focused on:

  - Original track apparel with a feminine flair
  - A resource and support team with helpful inside information
  - A sense of community and sisterhood

Owner Victoria Thomas lives a life immersed in the automotive culture, "In my capacity as Vice President of Kelly Moss Road & Race, an industry powerhouse in Motorsports, I spend a lot of time at the track. Additionally, my husband, Andy Kilcoyne, has earned a great deal of recognition for his amazing Porsche designs brought to life by the KMR artists and technicians.  My life takes me to events such as Amelia Island, Rennsport, Luftgekuhlt, SEMA, and a  plethora of amazing car shows, rallies, and races."


It was through Victoria’s personal experience that she was inspired to create a more inclusive community for all female enthusiasts, in a sport still primarily dominated by men.

“I meet many amazing women at these events, participating and supporting the industry. I also see a noticeable gap between the numerous clothing options for men to express their passion and what is available for women. I want to change this.”

The female auto enthusiast is no different than anyone else in any given situation - if someone doesn’t feel comfortable and welcomed, they can’t full enjoy the experience. The Hot Garage is seeking to solve issues in the community that make women feel isolated by providing their insights and advice on heading to the track or events, handling the dangers of the sport, and even tips on entertainment and food spots. 

Victoria’s mother, Ellie, is a member of the team and brings her passion and experience from her work with a national publication and feminist activist in 1970s and 1980s. Victoria has another major inspiration in her life to provide guidance in the automotive community to young women, “In addition to the stated mission, this business means something more personal to me. It provides the opportunity to involve my two teenage daughters in the educational experience of a hands-on dive into business. They participate in every aspect from product selection and design to budgeting, marketing, and modeling. Down the road, I hope our two younger girls will also want to participate.”

The Hot Garage is truly creating something valuable to the community, from products to support. Visit their Facebook group and join the movement!

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