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This Custom 1965 Ford Mustang Is The Coolest On The Market

This $90k bespoke 1965 Ford Mustang 347 cubic-inch V8 could just be the coolest on the market. Check it out! Having bought your classic Ford Mustang from the classifieds, there will come a day when you rock up at the lights, satisfied behind the wheel, only for this beast to skulk alongside and...
By Calum Brown Feb 19, 2019

Society of Automotive Historians Drive History Conference

Returning for a third time, the International Drive History Conference brings together enthusiasts and experts for a unique experience. From April 11-13, 2019, the Society of Automotive Historians will celebrate five decades of work while presenting their Third International Driving History Co...
By Elizabeth Puckett Feb 19, 2019

Why You Should Get Your Hands Dirty With A Classic Car

You should never fear working on your old classic car – here's why it's good for the soul... When you sit in the driving seat, do you know what mechanicals you happen to have around you and how they work? Do you know how many cylinders are in your engine and whether you’re using front or rear wh...
By Gillian Carmoodie Feb 18, 2019

This Tuned Mercedes-Benz 190 E Is The Ultimate Canyon Runner

They usually say that too many cooks spoil the broth, but this Smoking Tire video featuring a hot-rod tuned Mercedes 190E might just prove that old saying wrong… Mercedes originally developed the 190 E to contend in the World Rally Championship. As such, billions of Dollars were invested in the...
By Gillian Carmoodie Feb 15, 2019

Con Artists Target Collector Car Buyers In Scam

The thieves used Mercedes-Benzes, Porsches, Teslas and 1960s Dodges, and Chevrolets as bait to steal money from automotive enthusiasts Ten people were arrested this week after posing as car dealers and collectors with vehicles for sale online. U.S. Federal Prosecutors said that the targets were...
By Elizabeth Puckett Feb 14, 2019

Rare Ex-Works 1933 Bugatti Type 51 Selling At Amelia Island

This Bugatti Type 51 was once raced by the works team and used as a test car. Its well-documented history and pristine condition means it could sell for $1.6 million Bugatti’s grand prix racers are always something special with each car bathed in history. This regal 1933 Bugatti Type 51 Grand Pr...
By Tyler Heatley Feb 13, 2019

Heading To Auction: The Only F-Bird In Azure Blue

Experts believe this 1957 Ford Thunderbird F-Code is the only one of its kind to boast a stunning shade of Azure Blue. It's up sale, too! At the Detroit Auto Show in 1954, Ford unveiled what would become an iconic adversary to the all-conquering Chevrolet Corvette. Out selling the competition f...
By Elizabeth Puckett Feb 12, 2019

John Haynes OBE, Founder Of The Haynes Manual, Has Died

John Haynes, the mastermind behind the Haynes Manual, has passed away. He was 80 years old John Haynes, the entrepreneur and creator of the Haynes Manual, has died aged 80 after a short illness. The founder of the Haynes Publishing Group PLC and the Haynes International Motor Museum passed away ...
By Calum Brown Feb 12, 2019
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